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Massage Classes & Workshops


Massage Classes


Baby Massage Classes:

Learn to Massage Your Baby for Healthy Development.

You know massage feels good and helps soothe your baby but you may not know the other immense benefits of your caring touch and attention. Regular massage with baby will help

  • Nurture baby's growth and development
  • Increase baby's ability to communicate and develop my brain
  • Increase baby's immune function
  • Deepen bonding
  • Help regulate baby's sleep
  • Reduce crying and colic

This is the BEST class!  Bond with baby, deepen your ability to read baby's cue, and learn a skill that will impact the entire trajectory of you and your baby's life!  The wisdom of massage for babies has been passed down through many different cultures.  Here we will mix the wisdom of learning those techniques with the amazing current science behind why regular massage is so important in our lives - especially during the critical development time of infants. Massage has been shown to enhance weight gain, improve cognitive and motor development, boost immune function, help baby regulate sleep, decrease colic, crying, and gas. This stuff is magic and so simple!  Join us in this intimate group to support one another and our babies. Please bring a receiving blanket, a towel, a toy for baby (if older), and your open heart.

This class is for newborns through pre-crawlers with their caregiver.

Join us for this fun, hands-on 5 week instructional baby massage class. Allow approximately 1 hour for class.

Upcoming Class Dates & Locations:

Olney Class at The Well Space coming in September, 2018

5 week session, includes all materials for you to use at home, sliding scale available.


Couples Massage Workshop

Grab a partner and join veteran massage therapist Selena Reames for this fun-filled information packed workshop! Let us show you how to deepen your physical and spiritual connection through the wonderful power of touch.  This is a hands-on 3 hour class where we emphasize massage techniques, learning to massage comfortably (yes, it is possible!!), and communication skills (the foundation of any good massage) that you will be able to put to use right away!  You and your partner will share the nurturing, relaxing, and therapeutic benefits of massage with one another, developing skills that will serve you for a lifetime.  Go home with massage skills that will serve you and your partner for a lifetime!

Dates: Look for dates soon.

Private Massage & Family Massage Classes
Dive deeper with me on your massage learning path!  Get focused teaching catered to your individual needs.  Work on Swedish and deep-tissue techniques, releasing tension through stretching, adapting posture and positions to your specific environment, and learning to develop a massage language.  This is a great option for couples, families, people supporting someone living with chronic pain, disability, or illness.  
Pricing varies -
EMAIL to set up a free call to see how we can support you!

As always, I look forward to the opportunity to support and serve!  











These fun-filled, experiential, workshops are taught by local mind-body therapist Selena Reames, LMT, OTR/L.  With 15 years of clinical educational experience in massage, mindfulness and meditiation, and occupational therapy, she has developed a great awe and respect for the power of mindfulness practices and positive touch to transform our lives. Sharing this with others is a true delight.